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Chris and Paula

We could not have found a better celebrant!

My wife and I asked Mr. Raf to preside over our symbolic ceremony in Positano. It was just the two of us – we did a small 2nd ceremony with family & friends once we were back in the US – and his service was perfect. The day had been a bit stormy and, unlike many Mediterranean storms, which hit quickly and move along, this one stayed a lot longer than necessary. The result was a tumultuous sea and dark grey skies. We thought the weather wouldn’t pass in time for the ceremony, which would have been incredibly ironic as the afternoon of our wedding was the only time in 10+ days in Italy that we saw rain. It was basically a monsoon.

While we were hunkered down at the hotel, Mr. Raf was making his way on a ferry to Positano to meet us. From his explanation, and from our vantage point, the sea was angry that day. But the clouds, as if on cue, parted; a somewhat green Mr. Raf arrived and the combination of a bit of sun and a nice breeze dried the lanai where our ceremony was to take place, and calmed our poor sea-tossed celebrant.

The best part of the story is that Mr. Raf’s “homily” during our ceremony incorporated the day’s events. We didn’t get some canned message or over-used bible bit. He talked about the journey: the journey to get from point A to point B, and how there are pitfalls, and diversions and … stormy weather. But it wasn’t clichéd, it was timely, and he wrapped it up beautifully by saying that the coming together, the endurance, was the important aspect of commitment, and that a rough journey made the destination all the better upon arrival. He could not have picked a better theme for us, as my wife and I have both lived all over the world – separately – only to finally come together.

We said our vows in Italian (I don’t speak Italian, but it seemed fitting) and the rest of the ceremony was in excellent English. Then the three of us had a few laughs and shared some champagne looking out over the Amalfi coast and the sea. We simply could not have found a better celebrant. If (when) we renew our vows, we’ll renew them in front of Mr. Raf.

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